Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bristal Palin and Nucelar War

Bristol Palin did not do well on Dancing with the starts, She said "if I had won that really would have shown all the people who hate my mom." O yes, if she has won I would really have to re think my whole idea of Sarah Palin. I'm still longing to see my Hollywood dream couple win dancing with the stars, Lucy Recardo and Bullwinkle.

So we are about to have a Korean missile crisis. This will truly test Obama's metal. I Have no idea what should be done but I'm scared. I am scared in the say David Cosby said he was at Woodstock. That is something-less, something brown and muckyless. The North Koreans are nuts you know. That's about par for the course now days. They are the Taliban, the Tea party, with Nuclear weapons.

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