Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Obama Flakes Out

Disillusioned but still a democrat


WASHINGTON | Sat Dec 4, 2010 7:13pm EST

WASHINGTON Dec 4 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama told Democratic leaders on Saturday he was open to compromise on Bush-era tax cuts, but would oppose even a temporary extension if it did not include an extension of benefits for unemployed Americans, a White House official said.

Obama also told Democratic congressional leaders he would oppose even a temporary extension if it did not include extensions of other tax cuts that benefit middle-class families, the official said. (Reporting by Patricia Zengerle; Editing by Peter Cooney)

Well my hero has clay feet. He proves himself unworthy of support by giving up one of the most important issues, giving in to extending tax cuts for rich. Not only is this symbolically giving up principles and it is literally giving up a major promise, but having argued for his plans for over two years, a year before the election, that was the major argument on paying for things.

Yahoo News

Tue Dec 7, 3:06 pm ET


President Barack Obama says his willingness to compromise with Republicans on tax policy doesn't mean he's reluctant to stand behind core principles.

Asked at his news conference if he's too easily given to deal-making, Obama said, "Look, I've got a whole bunch of lines in the sand."

He called making tax cuts permanent for the middle-class "a line in the sand."

Obama said his job is "to make sure we have a North Star out there" for the American people. He said that at any given time, he may not be able to get "my preferred option." Obama likened criticism of the new tax compromise to the second-guessing he heard because the massive health care overhaul failed to include a public option.

All I know is there's now a hole where I used to have an argument about how we will pay for things. I'm more concerned about what this means about who he is. What's he going to give up next? If he's willing to give up that one what does he give up next?

Does this mean I'm going to withhold my vote? No I don't think so becasue I don't want Palin in there at any price! I'll take a tainted ham sandwich over Plain so it's academic. I am still a yellow dog!

But I am a very disillusioned yellow dog.

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