Monday, July 23, 2012

Bill Moyers interviewing Chris Hedges on revolting against the forces of our destruction

I don't currently use cable/satellite television and there is no real over-the-air presence. I instead rely on a Roku box and services such as Hulu. But I still managed to find this interview available online through a basic web browser about Chris Hedges' new book, Empire of Illusion. The interview is around fifty minutes in length, but don't worry, it gets right to the point. Hedges apparently aims at being prophetic in this book (based on this interviews)--one call almost hear him saying, "There was a voice crying in the wilderness, but then the wilderness was clear-cut and pumped full of toxic chemicals..."

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  1. Excellent addition. He is really great. We didn't like him in the old Central America Days, wither we were so into the cause we weren't being fair, or he got a lot better. I think he's really great.